Aliviolan – a natural gel for varicose veins and heavy legs. Product of the year 2019!


Did you know that even half of adult Poles have a problem with venous diseases? It turns out that varicose veins become a common civilization disease that hinders everyday functioning. Patients complain about pain and swelling of the lower limbs, especially calves. In the next stage, petechiae appear, which not only negatively affect the appearance, but also cause considerable discomfort during physical activity. However, it turns out that the pain associated with the occurrence of varicose veins can be successfully controlled and you do not need to undergo invasive surgery for this purpose. Aliviolan, a natural food supplement for everyday use, comes with the help. It’s worth knowing more about it.

How Aliviolan works?

For years, specialists in alternative medicine together with a team of researchers have been looking for a solution that would make the problem with petechiae appearing on the calves eliminated. The main goal was to inhibit the process of pain buildup resulting from the presence of varicose veins. These are not only disfiguring legs, but in extreme cases are a threat to the patient’s life.

As it is commonly known, varicose veins very often cause inflammation of the veins. This is when there is increased pain – because of clots in the veins that narrow the blood vessels. Already in the initial stage of venous insufficiency, patients complain about the feeling of heaviness in their legs, suffer not only from petechiae, but also edema and redness.

For the patients with venous disease, the most important thing is the quick relief. It is worth reacting already at the initial stage of the development of the disease, when the first symptom is causing pain, but still with a small intensity. Aliviolan is a non-invasive method that works quickly and effectively. Developed in Japan. Knowledge of this culture allows us to say that you can expect perfection from Aliviolan.

First, regularity! Applying Aliviolan gel.

Ointment Aliviolan is used topically is a natural preparation in the form of a gel. The product is the first ever anti-varicose ointment based on the substrate of the devil’s claw. Only the right consistency selected over the course of pharmacological research allowed the use of a high-quality gel form. Japanese technology based on the strictly understood principle of “common good – double benefit”, has found a strong reflection on the vascular disorders segment.

It is enough to apply gel to lower limbs on average 3 times a day to get rid of the pain and feeling of heaviness in the limbs. The most important thing is that the Aliviolan gel treatment is completely safe for the human body. It doesn’t cause any side effects, if the preparation is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. What’s more, Aliviolan doesn’t work invasively, because its composition contains only natural substances of plant origin.

The effects you can count on using Aliviolan

Ointment Aliviolan allows you to quickly deal with pain, because it works immediately and locally. Unlike traditional painkillers, it doesn’t go into the bloodstream, but reacts instantly in the place of pain. This ointment doesn’t burden the whole organism, which may be already weakened after the pharmacotherapy used in the eradication of varicose veins. The effects of regular use of Aliviolan can be seen just after a few days, and the optimal ones are visible after 28 days of treatment. Then, not only the pain, but also the edema caused by venous inflammation may disappear.

No more pain, a return to a comfortable life without lower limb dysfunctions caused by varicose veins. With Aliviolan you will gain a new quality of everyday functioning.

The effects of Aliviolan are above all:

  • Less pain of lower limbs,
  • The use of hundreds of years of knowledge of alternative medicine straight from Japan,
  • Reduction of edema caused by varicose veins,
  • Elimination of the feeling of so-called heavy legs,
  • Significant improvement in physical activity (feeling of increased vitality)
  • Getting rid of ailments using a natural cure,
  • No side effects that occur in alternative products to combat venous dysfunctions,
  • New quality and improved comfort of everyday life

Aliviolan – composition

Aliviolan is a real revolution on the market. Anti-varicose ointment was declared the product of the year 2019 of the Japanese company Yo-ShiGO. All thanks to the unique composition that has been developed by experts. For nearly six years, perfectionists have sought a consensus, the name of which is Aliviolan. The final composition of the ointment contains the optimal concentration of plant extracts, such as:

  • devil’s claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) – is a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent. It also works anti-edematous,
  • hot pepper extract – it helps to dilate blood vessels and relax overloaded muscles,
  • chamomile extract – has antiseptic and bactericidal properties. For this has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties,
  • ginseng root extract – improves blood circulation, also warms up,
  • common verbena extract – has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Aliviolan to get rid of the pain of lower limbs

Regular use of a safe ointment Aliviolan helps in the fight against lower limbs pain. Varicose vein disease can be tamed, and all this only in 28 days. The first application of the Aliviolan gel is the sign of making a good decision. The effect of a relief occurs after the first use. Aliviolan helps you quickly return to your current physical activity.

Aliviolan formula confirmed by tests

Clinical trials on the natural Aliviolan dietary supplement lasted several years. At that time, a group of British scientists also tried to create a safe preparation that would effectively support the body in the fight against muscle pain and stiffness. The culmination of British work was the official speech in Barcelona (2012) at the largest congress of alternative medicine. It presents the results of research and observations based on which the Japanese based their venture.

In the end, we managed to select the composition at the optimal dose, which quickly helps to fight even severe pain. This is also confirmed by a group of Polish physicians who put Aliviolan forward as an example of an ideal way to fight varicose veins. In their opinion, it is enough to apply ointment regularly for 28 days to effectively support the fight against leg pain caused by varicose veins. The same experts admit that Aliviolan was created in accordance with the latest knowledge in the field of molecular biology. This is a real revolution on the market and confirmed by the tests.

The main arguments for the effective action of Aliviolan are clinical trials. Under the strict supervision of doctor Ryszard Kniapiński. He is a specialist in the field of vascular and cardiovascular diseases, who for many years tried to prove that natural ingredients of plant origin are not a placebo but help to curb the pain. The results of his test leave no doubt.

Dr. Kniapiński gathered over 100 people who complained of calf pain associated with the occurrence of varicose veins. He divided patients into two groups. One for 28 days used Aliviolan three times a day, the other received a placebo. The test effect turned out to be truly amazing:

Pain reliefRegression of edemaRelief of the heaviness of the legsThe general improvement of formImprovement of well-beingElimination of venous insufficiency

Experts about the effects of Aliviolan

The results of these tests may also be reliably provided by the statements of other experts who diagnose and treat patients with varicose veins daily. According to doctor Ryszard Kniapiński, another author agrees, Dr. Tomasz Nazarkiewicz. He recommends Aliviolan to all who, due to varicose veins, also struggle with the feeling of “heavy legs”. In his opinion, this is a 21st century product. Revolution on the market of effective ointments that helps to fight even strong ailments. Aliviolan allows to reduce the suffering associated with having effects of venous inflammation – varicose veins. Pain caused by deformities can be so strong that it prevents normal functioning. It’s quite paralyzing for the patient. The innovative formula in the form of ointments works quickly and effectively. Millions of people had waited for such effects. Especially those who are affected by the problem of venous insufficiency. Undoubtedly, Aliviolan is a breakthrough in the field of vascular disease, and these associated with chronic pain and swelling.

Positive feedback from those who have undergone treatment with Aliviolan

The opinions of those who have already undergone pain relief treatment with the Aliviolan supplement remain undeniable. Most of them, just like Mrs. Janina from Poznan, admit that the daily lubrication of the limbs with ointment with a beneficial composition helped to quickly relieve leg pain. Thanks to this, venous insufficiency is no longer an obstacle to physical activity.

“I have struggled with the pain of my lower limbs for many years. This one appeared even earlier than the first ecchymosis on his legs. It was then that I started the fight with venous disease, but no means of pharmacological treatment brought me relief. It came to the fact that even a short walk or going shopping was a real nuisance for me. Puffiness and heaviness in my legs swelled quickly, and I had to give up my favorite bike riding. I visited more doctors, I read about the ways of fighting varicose veins on the web. Only on one of the forums did someone recommend Aliviolan very extensively. Desperate, I reached for the “last resort”. What was my surprise when after a few days the pain gave up a bit, in the following days it became much gentler. Nuisance and unpleasant swellings also quickly disappeared. After a few weeks, the discomfort was completely gone. God bless … after a month I went on the first long trip with a two-wheeler! Today, I use Aliviolan prophylactically, and the vein disease doesn’t bother me so much anymore! ”

In conclusion, take care of health with Aliviolan

Excessive expectations for new painkillers allow the creation of the highest quality product. That is Aliviolan, which over the years has won the trust of thousands of customers. Its biggest advantage is that it works from the first application, to this contains only natural ingredients that do not cause any complications.

FAQ – Aliviolan

How to use Aliviolan to bring the expected results?
Aliviolan is a condensed anti-varicose formula in the form of an ointment. In order to bring the expected results, it is worth using it three times a day for a minimum of 28 days. Ointment Aliviolan is a complex of natural ingredients. No worries, you can use it much longer. After full treatment, it is also recommended to prevent the pain associated with the appearance of varicose veins never again.

Should the use of Aliviolan be consulted with a doctor?
The composition of the ointment is safe and natural, doesn’t cause negative side effects, therefore the use of Aliviolan doesn’t have to be consulted with a doctor. The preparation doesn’t affect the effects of varicose veins in any way. First, it doesn’t react with them. It is a topical ointment.

Can Aliviolan be used during pregnancy?
Although Aliviolan contains only substances of plant origin, it should not be used by pregnant women or one’s breastfeeding. It is not known if the substances contained in the ointment are completely safe for the developing child.

Who can’t use Aliviolan?
The manufacturer doesn’t recommend that Aliviolan is used by people who are allergic to any component of the ointment – before the first use, it is worth to make an allergic test on a small part of the skin of the body. This supplement is not intended for children under 12 years of age. Ointment can’t be used on open wounds or on irritated skin.

I am a little over 30 years old. The varicose veins on the legs are very oppressive. Will increasing the dose of Aliviolan help in quicker recovery of the skin and relief of pain?
Unfortunately, not. Aliviolan is effective when used systematically. Self-titration will not increase the effect. The body will not take too much of the active ingredients of the ointment.


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